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Sunday, April 15, 2007

kAdhal viLaiyAda from kaNmaNi rAjA

Dear SPB Fans,

This is one of the SPB-PS duets i like very much. I came across a discussion article on this song in the dhool.com TFM pages, an extract of which i have reproduced later in this post. This song also reminds me of an SPB music concert in Chennai titled "5 in 1" which took place an year back in which our SPB was the central figure and five lady singers sang with them namely P.Susheela, SP Sailaja & three other budding singers. There was even a picture on the banners and on the advertisements which had SPB's image at the centre surrounded by the images of the five lady singers in a circular fasion. It was an imaginative one. It clearly brought out the message that our SPB is the central point.

During this concert SPB & PS sang quite a few songs and all of them were great to listen with PS voice still retaining the timbre. There were lot of interactions between them during the program. When SPB told the gathering that it was really great to hear PS sing so well even at this age, PS replied that she was still young enough and there is no age as far as singing is concerned. Quite true !!!! representing the state of our Guruji's voice too. As usual, our Thalaivar also came out with a remark regarding the picturisation presented on the banners. He opined that PS image should have been at the centre and his' should have been on the circumference along with the other lady singers. Magnanimous.

In this concert the SPB-PS duo sang the song of this discussion. It was after many many years that i had the opportunity to listen to this great duet from them. They brought out all the nuances of the song as it was in the original and seeing them render it together gave me a pleasant feeling

Below is an article from the dhool.com TFM pages reproduced here. This talks about the song in detail

From: bb (@ on: Wed Oct 6 01:02:01 EDT 2004
Song of the Day: kaadhal viLaiyaada from kaNmaNi raja.

- Saravanan writes:

bb, rajaG and Srikanth, kudos to your efforts in bringing SPB to tfmpage!

This one is for you: ‘kaadhal viLaiyaada’ from kaNmaNi raja.

Sung by SPB & P.Suseela. Lyrics by Kannadasan. Music by MSV.

kaNmaNi raja (1974/ Muthuvel Movies) starred Sivakumar, Lakshmi, M.N.Rajam, Thengai Srinivasan & others. It was scripted by Balamurugan and directed by Devaraj-Mohan.

The story traversed the usual domestic feud- the clash of wills between the haughty dowager Jayalakshmi (M.N.Rajam) and the poor, yet proud Janaki (Lakshmi) whom Jayalakshmi’s son (Sivakumar) woos and weds. Things take an almost irreversible path of simmering antagonism between the two women. However the birth of the grandson, and their love for him sets the way for the rift to mend. Shedding aside her exaggerated sense of amour propre, Jayalakshmi finally accepts Janaki wholeheartedly. Curtains!

The film was one among many such clichéd ventures, and probably doesn’t deserve to be remembered at all, had it not been for two songs. Sift patiently through the chaff: the platitudinous LRE number ‘yEi machchaan meesai vechE’, and the precocious proclamation by Pushpalatha ‘ naan aaNaiyitaal’; and you’re left stunned with the remains: two dazzling duets by SPB and PS: ‘Odam kadalOdum’ and ‘kaadhal viLaiyaada’.

It is surely SPB’s fault that he overwhelmed the 70s with a plethora of bewitching songs; for had he sung only a handful, we would have found it easier to remember, celebrate and cherish each work of his. As it happens, every year of that magnificent decade boasts nonchalantly of numerous remarkable compositions of MSV, V.Kumar, Vijayabhaskar, S-G and later IR, all brought to immortal life by the exuberant songster. Dazed by the sheer numbers, we very often tend to inadvertently pass over some truant treasures. And this surely is one such oft-overlooked gem that needs to be pulled out from oblivion and resurrected to its rightful glory.

The period of courtship is past (represented by ‘Odam kadalOdum), the marriage has been solemnized; they are now overcome by the whirl of the rapture that that initial days of marital life evokes. Looking forward to a life filled with joys, and with hearts brimming with hopes of such joys lasting forever, they sing this song. The situation is this; and the setting is sylvan Kodaikanal. And what a wondrous winner our mellisai mannar comes up with!

The magic begins with the arresting pallavi; MSV does away with a prelude here. SPB just needs a few deft notes, and we revel vicariously in those vivacious vistas of conjugal bliss that he instantly summons up. PS, that unassuming, yet ideal voice of femininity, soars gracefully in tandem with SPB’s ecstatic flight. The song is filled with unforgettable moments; my heart goes aflutter in delight each time I listen to PS rounding off that humming repartee in the first interlude- has unshackled, surging happiness ever found such disarming delineation? SPB has done it before, and he has done it since, yet his hushed amusement in ‘pollaadha vetkam varum’ is a perennial joy. The buoyant arrangements of the charaNams showcase the intuitive MSV in his elements.

Song : kAdhal viLaiyAda
Film : kaNmaNi rAjA (1974)
Singers : SPB, P Suseela
Music : M S V
Lyric : Kannadasan

kAdhal viLaiyAda kattil idu kaNNae
thooya maganAda thottil idu kaNNae
eNNangaLin inba nadanam
kannangal meethu anbu nilai ezhuthum
kAdhal viLaiyAda kattil idu kaNNA
thooya maganAda thottil idu kaNNA

senthoora singAram kondAdum peNNukku
en uLLam sorgam tharum
sevvAyin meedhoorum thEnAtRil nAn Ada
pollAdha vetkam varum
kaNNodu kaNN nOkki paNbana PeNN koNda
kALaikkum mOham varum
anbAna mAppillai onRagum nEerathil
AsaikkuL acham varum
maNNil varai ...thanga malargaL
peNN koNda kAdhal....perumai ena ezhudhum... (kAdhal)

sevvAzhai kOlangal seerAttum megangal
ponoonjal pOdattumae
chillenra poongAtru pallANdu nAm vAzha
thenpAngu pAdattumae
neerAttu theerAmal therOttum pushpangaL
pAratti pEsattumae
nEraga kiLLaigal Arathi thattOdu
thAlattu pAdattumae
enrum idhu... ninru nilavum
en vAzhkai vAnam... inimaiyudan thigazhum (kAdhal)

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