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Friday, April 20, 2007

Kannada Songs from the movie Muthina Hara

This is an article from Viji

Today's movie of the day is the evergreen "Muthina Hara" . Muthina Hara has all the ingredients of a great movie starting with the hugely successful and popular team of Vishnuji, Suhashini and Dr. Rajendra Singh Babu.

Muthina Hara was released in 1990 and this movie was directed by Dr. Rajendra Singh Babu. Music and lyrics for this movie was by Hamsalekha. I think full credit should go to him for a wonderful album. The story revolves around Vishnu and Suhasini. Vishnuvardhan is hurt in a war and admitted to a hospital where Suhasini is serving as a nurse. They get to know each other and come to know that both of them are from Coorg and gradually fall in love. The story spans two generations and explains the travails and trepidations of a soldier and his family. It's wonderful depiction of a soldier's life, dreams and aspirations....Kudos to Vishnuji, Suhasini for giving us one of their best performances ever.

Music was also a major hit and Hamsalekha produced some memorable and wonderful music. There are totally five songs in this movie. I would first list out all the songs and then would explain the situation of these songs.

1. Madikeri Sipayi - The most famous and evergreen romantic song between Suhasini and Vishnuji rendered oh so romantically by none other than our Guruji and Chitra K S. Lyrics are very cute with a touch of coorgi in them.

2. Kodaginolu - This is a solo by our Great SPB picturized on Vishnuji...The situation of this song is that all the colleagues of Vishnu in his mess want to know about his newly married wife. So Vishnu starts of with this song and reminisces some wonderful moments of his with his Suhasini...A very comical song rendered beautifully by the one and only Guruji

3. Huliya halina mevu - This is a very family song sung by Dr. SPB and Chitra K S. The situation is the birth of a son to Vishnu and Suhasini and the whole family is celebrating this joyous occasion.Here again you will find the usage of coorgi lyrics in the song. A very memorable and hummable number

4. Saaru Saaru - This song is sung by Dr. SPB and Latha Hamsalekha. This is picturized in the deserts of Rajasthan and picturized on Vishnu and another girl (I dont remember her name)...This is basically a puzzle song, wherein she asks some questions and Vishnu identifies...

5. Devara hoseda - This song is sung by the maestro Dr. Balamurali Krishna and has some wonderful lyrics.

The songs can be heard at the following link




Meera Krishnamurthy said...

My all time fav song is 'koDaginOLu beDaginOLu nanenDru nanji'. SPB's expression is too good. But in this movie 'MadikEri sipAyi' was the hit song.

'Kavya' is the name of that girl, one who acted in 'sAru sAru Militry sAru' with Vishnu. She acted in couple of kannada movies.

Anonymous said...

There was one more song in the movie-- Hey yudhdha nee ike bandige...."
This song sums up the movie theme-- the undescribable sufferings inflicted on humanity by war.

What do you have to say about this song??


Unknown said...

My favourite songs of this movie are Madikeri Sipayi and Huliya halina mevu The Kodava words in these songs describe the bold spirit of the Kodava community.