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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 4

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There are different types of voices. Some sound clear and loud; some sound soft and sweet - Styles are different and every style has its uniqueness.

Chevalier Shivaji's crystal clear and authoritative voice is great. So does Surendar's sweet and soft voice, who dubbed over 90 movies for Actor Mohan.

Similarly on one side, TMS was rocking the tamil music by rendering songs for the Greatest Heros of Tamil Film industry like MGR & Shivaji. On the other side, both P.B. Srinivas and A.M.Raja were mesmerizing the listeners with their soft and sweet voices - rendering songs for soft heros like Gemini.

I must say that my interest in old songs was kindled by these soft & sweet singers.

I'm sure everyone heard 'kalangalil aval vasantham' of PBS, which is a lovely song, standing by the time. Similarly, I'm doubly sure that all of us must have heard the song 'Kalaiyum Neeye Malaiyum Neeye' from the movie Thenilavu, sung by AMR. Kadhal Mannan Gemini Ganesan and Vyjayanthi Mala acted for this song, sung by AMR & SJ, Music was also by AMR. All the songs in that movie are great numbers to listen anytime.

It's a different experience to listen to the lovely song 'Kalaiyum Neeye' in SPB's voice. Listen how he's sung the starting lines!!! Simply Superb! He has done his best and made this song sound as good as it used to sound with AMR's voice!

It's been my long-term BIG WISH to listen all great songs of other male singers in SPB's voice!!! Too much to ask for.. huh?


Raam said...


What are you talking about? Surendar's voice is good. Probably. But he is the worst ever got good chance at singing. Its purely because of recommendation. I agree that his voice well suited for Mohan. But I cannot agree a bit about comparing him or even discussing about him as a singer. Well thats just my opinion. Just listen to "Vaarayo Vanmathi" from Pagal Nilavu and realize how badly he has sung the song. He couldn't even pronouce properly. WORST EVER.

-- Raam.

"வற்றாயிருப்பு" சுந்தர் said...

Hi Raam,

//But he is the worst ever got good chance at singing.//

May be I didn't explain that well. I was talking about two different extremes of 'voices' like Sivaji and Surendar - meant for 'talking' - not 'singing'! Sivaji has a nick name 'simma kuralon' for his charismatic, authoritative voice. On the other hand, surendar rendered his voice for Mohan, which sounded soft and sweet. That's all.

When it comes to 'singing', I quoted PBS/AMR type of singers on one hand who'd sung with a very soft and sweet voice, while TMS had sung with a different style / type of voice.

Surendar had never been in my list of singers! :) :)

Hope this clarifies.

Thanks for your visit and comments.