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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is a golden evening!

I don't have any music knowledge; never learned it. But I heard that this song is based on the raga 'Kedharam'!

Most of the poets write about the Sun rise in their poems! We normally rush back home in the evenin; birds rush back to their nests - who cares about the 'evening' and how somebody can write a poem about an Evening? Well. Poets don't have any boundaries when it comes to enjoying the beauty of the nature! Do we have an answer to the question 'when a poem is born in a poet?' ?

I don't want to get into an argument of whether Vairamuthu is a great lyricist / poet. I use to redicule him for his trade mark quotes like 'sky looks above', 'fire feels the heat', 'water sweats', etc. May be I don't have the right sense to enjoy his creations. However this song from the movie 'Nizhalgal' (shadows) was the greatest hit of our times and is still a good number to listen!

With a soft prelude, SPB starts of the song cheerfully and sings it with great mix of emotions, with his honey-soaked voice. This song surely gave me a different perspective about the 'evening' time!

It cheers me up and makes me feel great whenever I listen to it!


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கோவை ரவீ said...

My Dear Sunder

I wish you ALL THE BEST about this New English Blog of our YES PEE BEE. Yes Sunder our SPB is a ever and ever Busy Bee. Congratulation for ur Great Work. I assure u we will support to you. Covai Raveendran