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Sunday, June 11, 2006

An awesome solo by SPB for the Super Star in "Veera"

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The HeroI Solidly Remember This Movie, Veera, Super Star, The Man of Letters Rajni, the Hero. Usually Rajni is Famous for His Fast & Stylish Characters, and Usually avoids Singer Roles. But in this Film He did a Singer Role. So There is no Usual Fast Song of Rajni. This Particuler Song is the Theme song of this Movie. Konji Konji Alaighal Oooda. The Way the Song Starts is Quite Amazing.

The Composer
Now the Composer, Raaja, Having Some Mesmerism in the Name and His Composition. Actually its a Comeback Film For Raaja. Comeback Means, As I Told Earlier, there is no Point to Prove His Ability. Noone Will Doubt His Ability, and He has nothing left to Prove. In this Song, His Composition Quite Amazing, Greately Joining with the Singer. The Coordination and Orchestration is Simply Superb. One Small Note, He Did Many Bit Songs in this Movie, Those R Real Great Pieces, But Unfortunately not Picturized.

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The Lyrist:Dont think About Vaali, or Vairamuthu, The Lyrist for this Song is Panju Arunachalam, Who Introduced the Great Mastero to Us. Actually Panju Sir Was Working With the Great Lyrist Kannadasan. (One can see in the title card as "Paadalgal : Kannadasan, Udhavi: Panju Arunachalam). Actually Kanadasan, as the Name Specifies Great Lover of Lord Krishna (Just Listen to Kannan Songs Album Which Includes SPB's "Aayar Paadi Malighail" Composed by MSV). So obviously U'll Find the Touch of Lord Krishna in his Assistant Panju Sir Also. In this Song, Just Listen Lines "Maadhavan Poonguzhal Maandira Geedhathil...". The Touch of Lord Krishna. And To Add, Just Remember Panju's Master Piece of "Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran " from Kaavikuil Sung by the Great Balamurali Krishna. (Tell me Who is Maadhavan in this Song, For Raja fans Its Raaja, For Me Its SPB, for Musical Lovers Both SPB & Raaja)

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The Singer:I'm Listening Some Crooning and Soft and Calm Voice, Very Very Polite the Way It Comes to My Ears, Who is the Singer, Oha My God, My Chellam (heheheheheh, Read it in Gilli's Prakashraj Style) SPB. Usually SPB Sings for Rajni, (for His Fast Movements), and For Kamal,(for his Romantic Love Act). But at that Time in 1993, SPB Sang "Sandhu Poattu" the Fast Song for Kamal in Devar Maghan, and this Song, a Soft one for Rajni in the Movie Veera. After "Kaadhalin Deepam" Song, U'll Find the Great Touch of This Compo SPB-RAJNI-RAAJA

What I amazed about this Singer is the way he improvised every Song comes towards him. Even in this Song, there is No Scope for his trademark "Laughing" (Divine Laughing, noone can imitate that, im Sure) but he never fail to improvise. Just Listen the Word "Geedhalthil" from his Thondai, Quite Amazing (Eppadida Unnalai Mudiyadhu, I Love UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)

And Apart from this Word, I love his rendering in "Kaalai Paniyil Roja" (I Cant able to Write it in Words, how He rendered the word Roja)
Friends U Know SPB is the Only Singer who Rendered many songs with actress names, such as "Kondaiyil Thazahpoo" (Kushboo), "Nadhiya, Nadhiya" (Nadhiya), "Konji Konji"(Roja) and a lot.

For Fans Those like Raajni's Style and Fast Nos, and SPB's Decorated Songs, Just Listen "Maadathile" Song in this Same Movie, Balu Pyan Kalaki irrupan.
Ennai Vita Naan SPB Pathi Ethavadhu Ularite Irrupen, So Stopped……………………………

My Nostalgia This film released in 1994-95, when I did my College UG First Year. That time ARR was the Budding Musician, and Favourite of All, esp for Girls. One of My Close GF's is Great Fan of ARR, always Torturing me by Comparing Raaja and ARR. She used to take movies like Roja, Vandisolai Chinarasu, Thiruda Thiruda, May Madham and etc. and Saying "See Bala, What a Compisition". All the Films included with the Master piece of SPB, So I took those Songs, and Argued(Counter argument) with her, that, SPB only Giving life to ARR's Songs. But She argued with me "Bala I Don’t take SP Bala (She is a Great Fan of SPB, No need to say, But I love the way She Pronounces SP Bala ) Its matter of Raaja Vs ARR". I tired to argue with her. At that time Veera Released and the Song "Konji Konji" assisted me a Support, I Just visited her house with the audio cassate(Pyrimid Cassate, relesed with a nice box), and ask her to listen this Song, after that THERE IS NO ARGUMENT FROM HER, only We used to discuss about the Greatness of Raaja and ARR, no Comparison, which I Don’t want to do, Because if Raaja is Master , then ARR is the Winner as both of them are having a DAL-PATHI called BALU.

With Love


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