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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 1

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Sometimes, when we hear some songs sung by other singers, we used wonder how these song would sound like, if SPB had sung those songs? right?

I thought about it several times on several instances when I hear some of the songs sung by KJY, Hariharan and others.

Thanks to Covai Ravee for sending the unsung songs of Baluji, in Dindigul Angingu Orchestra's music. SPB has sung few songs originally sung by other singers. I wanted to share those with all fans of SPB - here is the first one. This song - 'nilave ennidam' - was originally sung by P.B.Srinivas - was sung again by SPB in his own style.

He'd sung a couple of lines of this song in the movie 'Pattu Padava' also in which he acted. In one of the scenes, he visits MSV & Gangai Amaran to ask for a chance to sing in movies. While asked to sing, he sings couple of lines from this song!



Anonymous said...

If you really want to hear the voices of the ghosts, Lata Mangeshkar has produced two albums as ode to the masters. These are old songs by long gone male singers which she has re-sung and issued as CDS.
Shradhanjali. Listen and enjoy.

கோவை ரவீ said...

Great Review Bala. Hats off u. -- Covai Ravee

"வற்றாயிருப்பு" சுந்தர் said...

Shradhanjali (What a name!)

Thanks for your visit and comments. Thanks for the info on LM's CD. I will try get hold of it and listen to the songs.

As far as 'hindi' songs are concerned, I can't make head and tail of it as such - and surely can't figure out whether it was re-sung by Lata! Anyway thanks for the info.