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Sunday, June 25, 2006

One of the beautiful melodies of 70s - Uchi Vagintheduthu

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I remember seeing this movie "Rosapoo Ravikaikari" (1979) secretly without my parents' knowledge! :)

Sivakumar played the innocent character of the village who serves for everybody (and was taken for granted by the people) who weds the beauty Deepa, an odd woman out in the village, who wears modern dresses like the Bra and Blouse! The village women don't wear Bra or Blouse and just wear their sarees all the times! I don't remember the exact story; but it was something like an extra-marital affair of Deepa, which makes the innocent Sivakumar sad and there is a sequence of several scenes in that line.

There are some hilarious scenes when the village women try the bra on top of the blouse!

Some songs are very good. The 'servant' siva goes out of town to buy groceries, vegetables, live stocks for the fellow-villagers, and the whole sequence is told in a song 'veththala veththala veththalayo kozunthu veththalaiyo' sung by Malaysia Vasudevan. There is another good one 'maman oru naal malliyapoo koduththan'. Vani Jayaram has sung a great melody 'ennulle engo engum geetham', an awesome song.

SPB has this pathos song which is amazing. He'd sung with great depth and emotions, depicting the character and his mood very well. Enjoy!

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