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Friday, June 23, 2006

Rain... Rain... Don't go away!

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When we lived in a small house in my native village (Watrap), during the rainy days, we used to bring the vessels from the kitchen to the living room and spread them around to collect the rain water, pouring through holes of the roof! The house used to be wet all the time; we used to sleep in a bunch of jute bags. Later, we moved into another rented house, which had a 'mutram' (an rectangle shaped open roof, which allows sunlight to come inside the house, and allows the rain to pour in, while we can sit back and enjoy!). I love those houses with mutram for many reasons. First you get a lot of sun light; secondly it's well ventilated, thirdly, you can lean on the corner pillars! and lastly you can enjoy the rain without going out; and get drenched if you like!

The ball hit by the boys playing cricket on the street, used to fall inside the house thro' the mutram. You can keep one and pretend as though you've seen nothing! :) You can dry the pappadams in the mutram area without sacrificing them to the crows!

Most of the Tamil movies with village based subjects, will surely have a house with Mutram. There are many songs in a 'mutram' situation too. Few of them are really good songs. One of those goodies is this song 'chinna chinna' from the movie 'Senthamiz Paattu'!

I went weak on my knees when I heard this song for the first time. I was listening to it repeatedly several times for so long. The song is an awesome number from Balu and Maestro with good picturization.

Prabhu's lip-sync and expressions were pretty good in this song.

I wrote a 'poem-like' poem sometime back based on a rainy day! '>You can check it here:

The preludes and interludes are great in this song. Both MSV & Maestro together composed music for this movie; directed by P.Vasu.

This song reminds me of my childhood life whenever I listen to it. That's probably why my eyes become wet sometimes!

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