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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A greatest lullaby of our times!

Dr SPB needs no introduction. Well, as this is my first post, I still want to say something about him and keep going!

"Ninaivalaigal Sundar" (nostalgic Sundar) is my nick name in maraththadi. Becoz, though I've not written any short storie, novels, poems, etc. (I heard it requires 'that' to be a good writer!) I've written a lot in the name of 'articles' which are flashbacks of my childhood life. For me it's easier to write about something that I already know, rather than trying to be 'creative'. I've been writing about my flashbacks happily and passionately - as I never wanted to be a 'Writer' which requires a lot of imagination and creativity!

I was digging my memory; trying to find out when 'film song' - for that matter - 'music' was introduced to me - I could instantly recollect a song, which I heard almost everyday when I was a kid repeatedly several hundred times, as a lullaby song, sung by Dr SPB. Either it was played in the Radio, or my mom would have sung it, or my aunties would have sung it for me. After several decades, the song still sounds so fresh and so soft, and my kids demand me every night to sing that song for them. The song stands by the time.

I don't know who the Music Director was; I don't know the Lyricist - all I know is : it's sung by SPB (I used to prounce him as S Bee Bee, until I knew his name!).

It's an amazing lullaby song - I'm proud to have slept listening to this when I was a kid; and I'm proud to sing the same song for my kids after nearly 25 years!


கோவை ரவீ said...

Hai Sunder

I and our Cbe Fans and friends are wishes to u ALL THE BEST. Good Work keep it up. -- Covai Ravee

Anonymous said...

Well done Sundar,Really wonderful collection.Good Luck.

"வற்றாயிருப்பு" சுந்தர் said...

Thanks Mahadevan. Glad you like this blog posts.