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Friday, December 15, 2006

SPB - 40 : A Saga of Love # 3

Shelter of Songs

It was my critical time. No one can get success always, bad patches are applicable even to greats like Bradman and our own Sachin. If no bad time, then he is not at all a human-being, he is god. But the thing is we should remain as human-being. S, I had bad times, this part will explain how SPB helped me to shelter those. Friends onnu sollatuma, “vizhardhu, thappe kidaiadhu, anghaiye vizhundhu kidakaradhu dhan thapu, u should have to get up and conquer the world with ur noble qualities.

Ok continue with part-2, i got to know who is SPB, and started to listen his songs, if anyone speak about SPB and his qualities, naan romba sandhosha pada aarabhichen, yennu ennaku theriyla friends, but I used to go seventh heaven, whenever anyone speaks about SPB. I used to listen only his songs, ethanai songs friends, 1000s of songs, in this context I want to mention one song, I don’t know either u know about that film or not, “annanuku jey”, arjun was the hero, in that film, there is a song “annanuku jey”, enna song theriuma friends, oru song kulla ivlov bbhavam koduka mudiuma nu naan asandhuten, SPB thanaiya varuthi paadi irrupan, sathiyama evnalium mudiyadhu friends, pls enakagha andha song a kelunga. And another song is from abrova saghodharghal (annatha adurar & unnai ninaichen) friends indha songs ellam made me to love SPB more and to the core.

SPB a eppadi yavadhu pakkanum nu daily god a pray pannuven.

And I finished my 12th std, and at that time I love chemistry (still I love chemistry) and wanted to take chemistry in my colleging (friends, naan padikum pothu ennaku guide panna yaarum kidaiadhu, even i don’t know about professional course at that time, that also a seed for our association “prodigy”, i’ll explain this in separate chapter). But I got my first blow, I didn’t get a seat in a known college for chemistry instead of that I got computer science, I’ve joined (just refresh kamal’s statement friends, which i added in my part-2). I joined in CS, there are 78 friends in my class, out those 79 students (including me), only 5 are from Tamizh medium, so I often got irritated by some English medium students that I cant conquer like pervious encounter as I was from Tamizh medium, even the faculty members thought that, I can’t continue my rankings in college, armchair critics, I can use this phrase only. What made me more sad na friends, they irritated Tamizh, that’s the problem, at that time SPB came to save me, with one quote and one song, my life time song, ( I’ve one audio cas including of all the songs, which changed my life completely).

I got irritated by my friends’ statements, but ennakulla oru “veri” vandhadhu friends, “if I cant who can”, and if I succeed, it’s a accomplishment to Tamizh, and its “pavithram”. I decided to conquer, at that time Duet film was released, one song, one singer can sing that, “tha na na thana na …. Thangame tamizhku illa kattupadu, oru sarakirikudhu murikirukudhu mettu podu, ethani sabhaghal kandom , ethanai ethani kadhikaghal kandom, athanium suudam katti suttu podu, metu podu, mettu podu, en thai kodutha tamizhkillai kattupadu”, ( s friends, no limitation for tamizh, and my success)

Indha song dhan friends, ennai veri thanama padika vaichadhu, padichen, indha song kettudhan ella exam ku poven, friends, don’t search the meaning for the word “ecstasy” in dictionary or lexicon, those may give meaning like “joy”, “happiness”, but if one want to know the real meaning one has to feel, music & language ellam onnudhan friends, namma rendaium feel pannanum, appadidhan naan “ecstasy” nghara word a feel pannren whenever I listen the above song, appadi patta song friends adhu. U may say that I should thank Vairamuthu and ARR also, s i agree that, but yaarala andha song enkitta vandhadhu, which voice, whose expression made me to attain my goal, the great SPB. If one want to go heaven even when alive, just ask them to listen SPB’s finishing in that song, “sa sanidhapa pha pamaghari”, (unnakada muraiyana sanghidham theriyadhu, indha alavuku endha kombanalum paada mudiyadhunu subbudu sonnadhudhan correct)

oha my god, ennaku spb venum, i cant live without spb. Ippadidhan pulamba aarbhichen friends , enga amma kitta.

And now that quote, in one of the interview at that time, SPB told like this “oru velaiya panna ennala mudiayadhu nu naandhan sollanum, mathavanga solla kudathu, how can others decide that I can’t do that work”. Enna quote theriuma friends, every time I refreshed quote and listen the “duet” movie song and attended my exams, and not a wonder that I was the only distinction holder in my college, and got university rank. After getting my rank, I ran away to my personal room, closed the door and started to listen the “duet” song, SPB was singing

“idhu makkal paatu, thanmana paatu, idhu poradum unghal vazhkai pattu”.

Ippa sollunga friends, idhu ennaku kadaicha success a?? Not at all friends, credit goes to my life, which is nothing but SPB. Ippadi patta spb ya naan eppadi mentor nu sollama irruka mudium, avandhan ennaku life friends.

That song and that quote gave me this laurel. U know friends, I’ve one habit, I used to pray god like this “give all laurels to eone, ellarum enkooda eppodum irruaknum, ellarum sandhoshama irrukanum, ellarum saagha kudathu nu naan unkitta kekkamatten, but naan sethadhuku apparam dhan ellarum saaghanum, esp my parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and my own SPB………. (don’t think me as a cracy, pls)

And after getting my distinction I applied for one famous college for my MCA, which is my life ambition, and applied in that college. But u know friends, I didn’t get the seat, naan enna paavam senjen friends, ennaku theriyala, U know friends, why my application was rejected, its not because of my %, its because of my “jaadhi”, (jaadhghal illadi pappa nu sonniye bharadhi, nee enghe irrukirai, please don’t come again here, u’ll make suicide) enna sonar theriuma friends andha principle, solla kudathu friends, naan sollavum matten, this is the biggest blow ever I got in my life. Still its piercing me friends. Life veruthu poachu, at that point of time.

I came out from that college with depression, and was thinking of that seven letter stupid word “success”, “victory”, ennaku andha samayathula vetri aluthu pola friends, vetri veruthu poachu, what I can get using my laurels, I can’t get a single MCA seat using my laurel. Nera oru tea shop ku ponnen, tea order pannen, ( I love tea and cofee like SPB’s songs, rendum illama ennalla irruka mudiyadhu), tea varathukulla thaniya ukkandhu azudhen, i cant explain that friends, how sad I was at that time, miracle happened, I heard an oracle, asariri nu tamizh la solluvanga theriuma friends, what else SPB’s song in that tea shop “thali maghane kalaghadhe, thanimai kandu varundhadhe”, ……………………………………………………….

( Dec 18, 2004, first ever SPB YahooGroup meet )
Wait for part-4, which will include my other side of life, prodigy……........... My goal & ambition

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