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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Music itself melts! - "Theendai"

Music itself melts

“Theendai” from “En Swase Kaatre”

Ofcourse, ask me by waking up me from a siesta, sound sleep, or even from a coma stage, sure, I’ll tell you, Ilaiyaraja as my favorite composer, as I became a devoted fan of Raaja, but I like AR Rehman also for his innovative way of composing the opera and using the octave at the best. He is the one who introduced many great singers to the cini music, to name a few, Hariharan, Unnikrishnan and Harini. He also introduced some new talents to the Tamizh film music, hitherto, only few singers were ‘monopolizing’ the music field. Albeit, ARR introduced many new talents, he never forgets to utilize the legendary voices, and especially ARR’s usage of the mesmerizing voice of SPB needs a high note here. Being ARR’s favorite singer, SPB always gives an extra extravaganza while singing, and almost all the songs from this duo are unforgettable, many were melodious solo and some cinematic commercial solo too, but apart from these songs, this duo gave many memorable duet songs, and “Theendai” from “En Swase Kaatre” is one among.

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This song based on the concept of overlapping duet, where the singers’ voices, both male and female voices are overlapping with the composer’s orchestra. This concept is, anyway not at all novice to ARR, as he gave this magical effect many times before with his baton. I can’t think anyone other than ARR, who can give these overlapping effects after the maestro’s mind-boggling.
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Well, for any mellifluous melodies, be it old melodies, may it modern days rare, one composer must be blessed with singers who can embellish the song with their ‘nirvana’ nuances. They must have to deliver their best, but not to spoil the nitty-gritty theme of the composers. Hence, the obvious choice will be SPB, whose voice fresh for ever, and when singer of Chitra’s caliber combines with SPB, it’ll be a great feast to the ears. Chitra starts the song with his honeyed humming of “Kalithogai”, which is a notable literature of Tamizh and then lifts the song straightaway with. Then, SPB joins along with his vintage counterpart with his soothing voice. Words or plaudits of paper texts can’t be ever suffice to praise this duo’s duets, especially as said earlier the overlapping of voices.

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SPB, in this song, at his usual form, his classical rendering of the lines “Kaadaloadu” needs a special mention. Not to take the credits away from the ‘cuckoo’ Chitra, she adds the flavor to the feast. It always a stiff competition, when SPB joins with Chitra, but always SPB leads the way not only by means of experience, but also with his voice suitability to the hero. Once the cute Arvindsamy asked by the college girls (my college days, aravind was hot choice of girls, and me far beyond!!!) in a function about the aptness of SPB’s voice for him, then he replied very gently, by shaking his shoulders “No Surprise, as Balu sir voice suits to any hero.”

Unlike some composers who use the baton as a bamboo by not allowing the singers to improvise (they call it as strict), ARR is one who always gives liberty to the singers to render the songs with their creativeness. Thus, in this song also, ARR allows the vintage pair to improvise as much as possible, and one can witness even music melts in the voices of Chitra and the great, the only great SP Balasubramanium.


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