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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Others on "Our SPB"

Given below are some portion of articles which i came across when browsing the newly created website on MSV. These are related to our SPB

Excerpts from an interview with Music Director M.S.VISWANATHAN.

During one of the interviews given by MSV, he had this to say about our SPB.

‘Balu-virrku swara gnyanam kidaiyAthu, kELvI gnyanam romba jAsthI. sila vAttI avanE pOttuduvAn (the sangathis). Oru vAttI pAdi kAmithhAl appadiyE pAdi viduvArgAL…..athu thAn Balu, athu thAn LR Easwari’

‘Balu, without notating can sing with precision what singers with swara gyanam cannot. I have seen singers parsing tunes into swarams and fumbling but with Balu…never has that happened ‘

Following is the observation of a writer on our SPB in one of MSV’s concerts in 2002.

S. P. Balasubramaniam is one singer who lifts every show that he is in, to incredible levels of enjoyment. Those who have followed the veteran's stage appearances over the years are only too familiar with his verve, ebullience and imaginative improvisations. And coupled with the zest of MSV who went round to the percussionists' side clapping and guiding them, particularly for the number, "Engaiyum ... Epodhum", the mood proved contagious.

It was a nostalgic moment for M. S. Viswanathan when he recollected the happenings during the composing of the lilting love song, "Vaan Nila". Those were the days when songs were recorded on a single track and music was not as techno-savvy as it is today, said SPB who had sung the song then. The two remembered the great talent of violinist Mani and MSV's assistant Joseph Krishna, who were part of the number. And as SPB walked away after "Vaan Nila", he turned around to the violinist who had played the solo and softly clapped in appreciation. Such gestures speak volumes about the grace and goodwill of a singer.

Views by Mr.Ram, Moderator – MSV times

A thread on the ever-lasting, soothing, versatile voice called "S.P.Balasubramaniam"; He will enhance any tune by any composer; MSV Fans consider MSV-SPB combo as the best "chemistry"; They both keep on improvising any tune; In the next generation by Illayaraja, he reached another epitome, singing for actors - Kamal, Rajni, Mohan etc, when the actors were in their peak; The next generation for A.R.Rahman, statistics show that the singer who has sung the maximum song for ARR is SPB!!! So in all stages in Tamil Film Industry SPB had some kind of speciality, some way or the other.

Can any one in the world imagine 35000 songs in his/her life? What a feat???!!!

(The above extracts are from www.msvtimes.com which is an exclusive website created by some of MSV’s ardent fans on MSV and inaugurated this month Dec 2006)


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