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Friday, December 15, 2006

SPB - 40 : A Saga of Love # 1

For the first time, I disclose my secret love towards SPB.

Bee in my bonnet

Big b’s

Dear friends

My detailed mail in front of u for the first time, wait, wait… before reading this, one caution it includes some censored love contents, please adjust those, i cant write my autobiography without two big b, one is bharadhi and another one is as u all knew, ‘balasubramaniam sp’. If the above two b’s r not there, then no this b, balu. So adjust my over-enjoyed contents which i can’t avoid.

Bee in my bonnet

dear friends, everyone is having one peak time, in those time whatever he/she do, ends with a success, big success. I too had that peak time 1989-1992. 1000 days almost, my red letter days. I had a lot in those times. I was studying my 8th in 1989-90. U know friends, before my 8th annual, i stood in second rank in my class, because one razor rival i had, she is sasikala( i had obsession love with her and she too with me, those are different stories, but censored in this context, don’t mistake me, teenage, we cant avoid those!!), sasi joined in our school in 6th std, after that i missed my first rank, just count friends , there are 6 exams in 6th (3 midterm + one q-ly, one ½-ly+ one annual exam) so 6 exams in 7th also and 5 exams in 8th std (except 8th std annual) 17 exams sasikala only got first rank, this poor balu ended up with second rank. Seventeen times, i happened to study in the history books that there was a king, kajini mohd, he fought to attain india, defeated 17 times and 18th time he conquered, because of one bee, in the wall. In my life also that 18th time had come, 8th std annual exam, i don’t have bee, to get motivated to beat my life time rival Sasikala. But one song, only one song, changed the scenario completely friends, “keladi kanmani padaghan sanghadi, nee idhai ketpadhal nenjil or nimadhi”. That song did something on me, on my soul, on my career, u ask anyone this song should be in his/her top 10 song list, I bet u.

(My first Photo session with SPB, Feb 07, 2000)

Hence, “bee in my bonnet”, only that song……..

Beyond my success who?

I used to listen that song and to write my 8th std annual exam, then result came, this time Sasi ended up with second rank, the first rank went to a song who changed my life time completely, “keladi kanmani Paadaghan Sangadhi”.

After that no looking back friends, I got more laurels, even I cant able to count those, hat-trick rank in Tamizh exam, district rank in science talent test, district rank in my hindi exams, district rank in my 10th, ekalaiyavan award, best student award, abvp award, yuvakala award, a lot friends, I cant list out, credit goes to only one song, “keladi kanmani”

Being love

U know friends, I started to fall love, homosexual love, u may call it. But this time it was not like my teenage love with Sasikala, and my puppy love over my class teacher, those are infatuation, obsession loves, but this time I fall in true love, (andha mugam theriyada oruthanukagha naan engha arabhcihen, always thinking of that face-unknown person, sappadu, thanni eduvum sapidama love panna aarbhichen), but i don’t know even his name, how he will be, and how he is looking, I don’t know friends, but one thing is sure, I fall in love, (vairamuthu language la sollanum na, "kaan vizhithu kanavu kanden") which will going to give more laurels in my future.

Ok romba mokka potuten nu ninakiren, meedihya PART-2 la continue pannren, illati unghaluke bore adichidum, but ennaku balu va pathi pesa bore adikadhu.

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