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Saturday, December 23, 2006

SPB in a different voice

Dear SPB Fans,

We all know that our great SPB is a master of different voices. He has sung in matching voices for different comical characters in films like for Surilirajan (many films), Kamal (Japanil Kalyanaraman)etc.... in Tamil .

In Telugu also, his initial period was mostly involved in singing for comical characters on the screen and even later he has sung many such songs. Thus he had a wide repertoire of voices in his stock to provide them whenever a music director / producer / director needed.

The song which i am talking about here is from the Telugu Film "Indhrudu Chandhrudu". It starts off like "Nachina Fooddu.....". Kamal had done two roles in this movie. One is that of an Old Mayor and the other a young one. This comical song is featured on the old Mayor Kamal. And my God, what a perfect matched voice our SPB has produced for this character. A deep throated voice exactly suiting the character since Kamal has spoken in such a voice for this character. The dedicated singer he is, our SPB would not settle for slightly different voice and put in his full effort to give the same voice as that of the voice in which Kamal had delivered the dialogues.

Just listen to the song and wonder at the talent of our great SPB.

In one of the interviews, Kamal was very critical about our SPB for singing this song in such a voice. THE REASON - our SPB had to undergo surgery because of singing in such a voice and Kamal was affectionately blaming our SPB why he should go to that extent of straining his beautiful voice just for this song and that he should preserve it for long life. Our SPB i understand could not sing for two to three months after rendering this song since his throat was very much affected. The voice is so deep throated. To feel the effect i tried singing the song in such a voice and i completed only two lines and i started coughing for more than 2 minutes before i could come to normal and still my throat felt sore. We should be grateful to God that our SPB could regain his voice after the surgery. This is because there was a great risk that the surgery could have spoiled his voice and he would not have been able to render songs like ever after that. HOPE our SPB does not attempt anything like this in future. His voice should be nurtured to last long for many more years to come.

In the Tamil version of the same film "Indhiran Chandhiran", Mano has sung this song (in fact all the songs in the movie. In Telugu our SPB has rendered all the five songs). But he has not attempted changing his voice like our SPB and hence the effect is normal and nothing great.

Please listen to this different song by clicking on the title of this post "SPB in a different voice".

After opening the link, please click on "Play Selected" just below the Kamal photo appearing in the link page to listen to this different song.

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