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Friday, December 15, 2006

SPB - 40 : A Saga of Love # 2

Preludes to part 2

1. Came to his name is SP Balasubramanium, same as my name, shortly called as SPB.

2. One interview+2 movies changed my life completely, (arthanari ennai complete a change pannitan, udhyamoorthiku ulle irrundha spb ennai complete a change pannitan) friends, how many laurels now I’m having, all goes to that person, friends. How????


That was a Good Interview


That was ‘thalapadi’ released time. If anyone ask me who is my favourite, rajni or kamal? I would definitely answer “both”, former is for his style and kamal is for his perfection and involvement, (once, kamal said, “sakkadai kazuvara velai paartahlum, naandhan nalla panravanu per edukanum, what a divine quotes, it’s not a quote of ‘garvam’, it’s a quote of involvement and perfection’, his “unnal mudium thambi” changed me a lot, we’ll discuss that later). Ok so I used to see all the rajni & kamal movie, on that day, I requested my elder brother Vishwanathan ( u know friends, he is a great fan of spb than me) to take me to thalapadhi. He told me that just wait for one day, today in dd one interview is there with SPB. I got tensed with him and didn’t speak with him. Then, the interview was telecasting, at that starting of that interview, I caught up with my buddy song, starting with raaja’s keyboard and that mesmerizing humming from my my (i’m crying friends, I can’t control this) singer’s ‘hmm, hmm aha aha n “ and that song “keladi kanmani”, … I started to run to watch that song, and asked Visu “dai indha song ippa yenda podran”, he just replied me “because this song sung by SPB”. SPB???? Who’s that, he is the one u always compare with Jesudas when you fight with appa???(my father and my younger sister are big fan of KJJ, all other in my family my ma, elder & younger brothers are SPB’s fan, still even today one can see the clash in my house.).

He replied "YES"

(Presenting ACOUSTIC CD, website for SPB, Jun04-2002 )

When my brother showed me SPB, ”this is SPB, unnoda perudhan evanukum, Balasubramaniam”, at that time I was eagerly watching the DD, (GOD GOD Please show me the face of my lover, I can’t wait, please) and I found one middle-aged man, oha my god, SPB, u r the one, changed my life completely with ur voice, where r u from da, u took my heart, I started to cry, unknowingly, if anyone will say that love at first sight is false, then i’ll dispute with that person, because I started to love SPB in my first sight.

And I must put some words about that interview which changed my life. In that interview, SPB was telling about his character in “manadhil urudhi vendum”, the character of life, I wanted to be like that, I’m like that, and I will be like that only, in that film, in a particular scene, Suhasini complained SPB, “Doctor neengale ippadi irrundha patient ellam eppadi smoke pannama irrupangha”, and director of that film KB instructed SPB that, after the dialogue from Suhasini, hehas to put his cigarette box in the dust bin, but what SPB did, just sing that “mangalam” song, and smells the cigarette one last time and put it in the dust bin. KB praised SPB “adhudhan avanoda involvement and improvisation”, “vashitar vaayala bramarishi pattam”, U know friends, ‘manadhil urudhi vendum’ is my life time movie, before the climax of that film, that “nandhini” character affected me very much, but in the climax, that arthanari took the whole crowd by his dialogue “profession dhan ennoda first wife nandhini, naan ava koda ve kudumbam nadatha poren kadaici varikum, please ennai yaar kittaum matti vidudha” apaadi nu solluvan paarungha friends, hats off da bala, ippa sollren vayasukum love kum samabandham illa, that 15 yrs old bala started the love with 45 yrs old SPB. A saga started, may be love saga u can call it as.

U know friends, in that film title, how SPB credited? “arimugam thiraiku munnal”, great na friends, namma ellam evolov koduthu vaichavanga, to live a contemporary life with SPB. And friends, after that ennaku paithiyam pudichitu, always thinking of that person, sonna namba mattengha friends, but u can come to my house and ask my ma, daily engha amma ta solluven, “amma pls spb ya ennaku marriage panni vai, pls ma” (pls don’t mistake me, read my caution statement in my part-1), daily engha amma voda madi la paduthu tu azuven, (amma ta thavira veru yaar kitta share panna mudium friends sollungha???) But this affection didn’t change my schooling records, I stood first in 12th also and in my Hindi exam also, but ennaku ennomo theiryla friends, SPB entered into my soul, u know he is my intuition for all my success.

And my love and affections were increased because of my chemistry sir, (chemists are really alchemists), my chemistry sir used to call me as “SPB” only, and all of my friends did the same. Because of that only in our group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spbfans) I used to write this “proud to be having his name”.

Not only “manadhil urudhi vendum” , but also “unnal mudium thambi” made me to set a social life in servicing other people, actually they are not all other people, my people, my india’s ppl. U know if one want to led a good human life he/she needs the following:

1. Karuna rus. (karunai ullam to help others) (keladi kanmani song based on this rus)
2. Veer rus ( to advise others by leading others to a good way)
3. Sringhar rus (love feeling, to love others)
4. Hasyam rus (humorous and cool in difficult situation and make others happy)
5. Rowdhram rus ( wrath, to find the flaw in the environment and try to thrash that flaw)

These are the five things we should follow. That particular film having the answers for all these in songs pattern, all sung by SPB, SPB, SPB, SPB, and SPB.

1. Akkam pakkam parada (karunai)
2. Unnal mudium thambi (veeram)
3. Idazhil kadhai (sringaram)
4. Enna samayalo (hasyam)
5. Last but not the least, “punghai undu”, (wrath) my all time fav. (sudhadhanyasi ya ivlov suthama spb thavira yaaralum paada mudiyadhu friends, avan ennai daily ennai ennmo seiyaran friends, avanoda bashai la sollanum na “inbamana andha vali ennai theendi selighridhu” friends. Everyone is masochist, if he/she is in love.)

This film changed me completely, esp. those songs, I took the decision, may be life time ambition, “to survive this life for helping others”,

But at that age, I don’t have money, but I have knowledge and brain, by using those I can help students. Friends “onnu sollren kelungha, namma india va periya level la kondu varanum ma inga ulla students a seriyana muraila payanpaduthanum, adhudhan naan pannen, pannitu irruken, innum pannuven, naan saagara varikum.”

I started an association exclusively for students “prodigy”, by making SPB as mentor and now it includes 65 members in which there are 15 state rank holders. Even in my last meet SPB asked me “how SPB is mentor for an association which is dealing with education”, I simply replied, “for prodigy, SPB is not the mentor sir, SPB’s involvement and dedication are the mentors, I used to advise students, whatever field take, u should involved in that, and dedication is the key. Sir, I like your involvement and dedication while singing”.

(Presenting PRODIGY CD-Jun04-2002)

And friends, I had some bad time also. Even in that time SPB made me to wake up. That will be my part-3.

Wait until then....

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