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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Duet dwells durability! - Indhira Logathu

Duet dwells durability

“Indira Logathu” from “Uyirullavarai Usha”

There always will be a preferred pair for any composer. Because that duet pair must be able to understand what the composer is looking for to express his composition and lyrists’ words. For MSV, it was TMS and P.Sushila, for Ilaiyaraja it was SPB and S.Janaki, by late, AR Rehman utilized the winning pair of Raja’s times SPB and KS.Chitra and then with Swarnalatha. Along with the female voices, SPB always presented a good music by not only understanding the composer’s needs, but also the fans’. Like this, T.Rajendar introduced a dynamic duo; SPB with BS.Sasirekha, this pair under the baton of TR presented many unforgettable songs, in which I love the song “Indira Logathu” from “Uyirullavarai Usha”.

“Uyirullavarai Usha” was composed by TR, asusual he penned this song using his poetic power and he proved again that he is a scholar in Tamizh. In this song, he compares the heroine with ‘nature’ analogy. He used Breeze, lotus, and etc, especially I love the lines of comparing heroine’s face with lotus, and eyes with bees, simply splendid.

Now, TR needs a voice which expresses his lyrics, and ofcourse as everone murmurs the name, and he is SPB. Balu is the obvious choice to sing these kinds of songs which is to decorate a heroine, he performed it many times before. After a chorus, SPB starts this song with a mumble and mellifluously, “Indiralogathu”, and then followed by his potent, but soothing voice makes the listener to reverie about the heroine.

The way SPB starts the Charanam is quite amazing, and as admired by the analogous lines of TR, I can compare SPB’s way of singing this song with a high-chase cricket match, for this, players must start with steady, and then rocket-rise in the middle, then finishes with a style and elegance, as SPB starts the charanam very steadily, “Thendraladhu”, then gives a rhythmic raise with elegant, and finishes the first charanam with style, and his smiling while singing “Paavam” is quite above the word marvelous.

SPB repeats the same above effect in the second charanam too, and his breathe control while singing “kalaimaghal aadinal” is a lesson the aspirant singers to learn how to control breathe, and catch the souls of the listeners.

As its SPB all the way in this song, the female voice BS has nothing much to do, apart from escorting with the elegant voice of SPB, which BS finished successfully. Especially, her ‘la la’ in the finishing of first charanam is highlight of this song, and again SPB joins her with ‘hmm hmm’, proved this pair ability to sing duet songs.

To the whole, this is a perfect duet song which included with good lyrics without usual love songs’ lyrics such as “adiye”, “umma ummamama”, “sekka sevandha” and etc, good composition without usual “dandanakka”, “dora dummunu” and selection of good voices without bad pronunciations tamizh words, which listeners can tolerate by saying “pauruvaayillai”, in nutshell, this duet dwells durability.


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