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Thursday, December 21, 2006

SPB's First Song (15/12/1966) & His First Year (1969) in Tamil Music

Dear SPB Fans,

Ever since i came to know that 15th Dec 1966 (40 years ago) was the debut day of our SPB through our Fans' emails and finally through our SPB's voice on 17th Dec 2006, i was curious to listen to his very first song of his career.

I searched the website for quite sometime to get a link to hear this song and in this process, i stumbled on to a page created by one Mr.Saravanan. I was really amazed at the details contained on this page.

Even though, i had gone through the history of our SPB on the SPB Fan Group site, this Saravanan page gave many other details about our SPB's pre & post debut life. It really makes interesting reading. I am not sure if many have read it.

The beautiful thing about this site is that it not only talks about SPB's debut song and the incidents leading to the recording of the song, it also gives a link to play and listen to the song which i have been trying to hear for quite some time.

One more valuable addition i found in this page was the prelude to his Tamil Music debut. It brings in many more details than what i have read in other articles. Also it lists down the five songs that he sang in his debut year in Tamil in the chronological order (this order throws up a new insight regarding the sequence of songs sung) along with a link to play all the five songs in the article in between the description of each song.

It also has other page links which talk about SPB.

Hope this makes interesting reading & listening for all the SPB fans. A unique article indeed. Thanks to Mr.Saravanan for presenting it.

Please click on the Title of this post "SPB's First song...." to go to this extraordinary article about our SPB

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கோவை ரவீ said...

Great Articile Dasarathi sir All the best.