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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Andharangam Yaavume & Manchu Kurise Velalo

Dear SPB Fans,

I am now presenting to you all a song in two versions – Tamil & Telugu.

My first tryst with this song (in Tamil) was in my first year at college, that too, not in our SPB’s voice but in a voice identical to our SPB !!!. Yes, our college had a very good light music orchestra. I happened to attend the first program for that academic year in our auditorium. I was late for the show and when I entered the hall, the singer from the orchestra started singing this song and it was the first time I heard it. It appeared as if SPB himself was singing it. Our college singer Mahesh was a very good crooner and was able to almost reproduce any SPB song with required passion. He, without fail, brought out all the nuances of the song and did enough justice to it (I realize it only now ??!!). I used to admire him a lot for singing our SPB songs. He had a try at film singing but chances did not come through and he pursued his engineering profession, occasionally singing in some orchestra at Chennai.

Only recently, I recollected this song as a part of my nostalgic trip to college days and browsed the web and for the first time heard it in our SPB’s voice. Indeed my friend Mahesh had not let me down then. He had rendered almost the same way our SPB had done. Our SPB has just freaked out in this song with his expressions. Regarding the rendering of "Eppadi Eppadi", i think it is not SPB, maybe IR doing it ? I am not sure.

Similar tune, especially the pallavi, was used by IR for a Telugu film “Abhinandhana” for the song “Manchu Kurise Velalo…”. Lyrics by Atreya & delivered romantically by SPB & SJ. This was a film which featured Karthik.

I have included both the Tamil & Telugu versions of the song.

Now, please go ahead and listen to it and enjoy

Tamil Version :

Song : Andharangam Yaavume
Film : Aayiram Nilave Vaa

Actor : Karthik
Music : ILayaRaja
Singers : SPB
Lyrics : Vaali

mmm eppadi eppadi...

andharangam yaavumae solvadhenraal paavamae
aezhaiyin kaadhalai maaligai ariyumaa?
kaadhalin vaasanai mmmm ariyumaa?
andharangam yaavumae...

kaamanae naanam kondaal solliyadhu theeraadhu
kambanae vandhaal kooda kattubadiyaagaadhu
kandadhil inru naan solvadhu paadhiyae
kaaviya naayagi kannagi jaadhiyae
anru oru naal andha mayilaal aadai nanaindhaal
kaayum varaiyil thoagai udalil ennai anindhaal
naanamae saelaiyaanadhum boadhaiyaanadhum ennenru solla


kaadhalai dhaanam kaettaen enna oru dhaaraalam
naanaval thoalil saayndhu alliyadhu aeraalam
dhaavaNip poovinai soadhanai seygiraen
eththanai machchangal kael adhaich cholgiraen
paavai udalil koadi malaril aadai anivaen
aadai ariyum saedhi muzhudhum naanum arivaen
meedhiyai naanuraippadhum nee rasippadhum panpaadu illai


Andharangam Yaavume

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Telugu Version :

Song : Manchu Kurise Velalo
Film : Abhinandhana

Actor : Karthik
Music : ILayaRaja
Singers : SPB & SJ
Lyrics : Athreya

manchu kurisE vELalO malle virisEdendukO
malle virisE manchulO manasu murisEdendukO
endukO E vindukO evaritO pondukO
endukO E vindukO evaritO pondukO
manchu kurisE vELalO

neevu pilichE pilupulO jaaluvaarE prEmalO
neevu pilichE pilupulO jaaluvaarE prEmalO
jalakamaaDi pulakarinchE sambaramlO
jaladarinchE mEnilO tolakarinchE merupulO
jaladarinchE mEnilO tolakarinchE merupulO
endukaa ompulO EmiTaa sompulO

molakasiggu buggalO modaTi muddu eppuDO
molakasiggu buggalO modaTi muddu eppuDO
manmadunitO janmavairam saaginapudO
aaripOni taapamu antu choosEdeppuDO
aaripOni taapamu antu choosEdeppuDO
manchulE vecchani chicculainappuDO

Manchu Kurise Velalo

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கோவை ரவீ said...

GR8 Pickup Dasaathi sir, Tamil blogla romba naalaaha draftla irukku. Naanum Tamil blogla pottuduren.

Magi said...

I do not remember hearing this song ever before. Its a great song ofcourse (which of HIS is not).

Great work that you, Dasarathi sir, is bringing out the hidden treasure of HIS.
I feel that even 'eppadi eppadi' is sung by HIM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Dasarathi,

It was ineed a pleasure listening to this song. I am indeed a hard core fan of Shri SPB ji and love every song of his especially the late 70's and early 80's. Absolutely memorable. I in fact have about 250 songs of SPB ji in my collection album.

Thanks for this master peice as well. I am sure even "eppadi eppadi" was his own voice.

Anonymous said...

been searching for the tamil version for ages.heard it in a half asleep stage and didnt know the lyrics too. only 'eppdi eppdi'! the telugu version is a much bigger hit. bur yes, HE does freeaak out on 'eppdi eppdi'.thanks a ton

Anonymous said...

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