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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unsung_SPB - Kanne Kalaimane - Moondram Pirai

Hi SpB Fans,

From Now I will be posting Unsung_SPB Album SOngs. These songs were posted earlier on this blog by Sundar, I am posting them again for Ravee anna, who approached me for this.

I was seaching for SPB hindi songs in "Planet M" in June 2005, suddenly my friend showed me SPB Unsung CD. I Checked all songs, but only Hamma Hamma song was known to me. I bought that CD & Really loved all the 14 classics by our SPB. Later I Collected the Original Soundtracks also for the Unsung SOngs. SPB has sung all songs in his own style.

I sent a mail to our Guruji & asked him to release a Hindi Album same like Unsung. Guruji replied,

"Dear Vikas,

Regarding the tamil songs to be made in Hindi, there are lots of
hurdles. We need the permission of the original producers and music
directors. Most of them ask for royalty. These are headaches.
I am very grateful for your love.
God bless you.


1 Devan Koil Maniosai Mani Osai Dr.Seerkali Govindharajan
2 Ennai Thalatta Kathaluku Mariyathai Sri. Hari Haran
3 Hamma Hamma Bombay Sri.A.R.Rahman
4 Kalaiyim Neeye Then Nilavu Sri.A.M.Raja
5 Nilave Ennidam Ramu Sri.P.B.Srinivas
6 Poongattru Thriumba Muthal Mariyathai Sri. Malesiya Vasudevan
7 Rasaththi Unnai Vikeyi Kathirunthal Sri.K.Jeyachandran
8 Sollathan Niaikiren Sollathan Niaikiren Sri.M.S.Viswanathan
9 Thenpandi Seemaile Nayagan Sri.Ilayaraja
10 Orunaal Pothuma, Dr.Balamurali Krishna
11 Paavadai Thavaniyil, Sri.T.M.Soundararajan
12 Kanne Kalaimaane, Dr.K.J.Ysudass
13 Thooliyile Addavantha, Sri.Mano

Today Posting Kanne Kalaimane song from movie Moondram Pirai ,sung by SPB originally sung by Dr.K.J.Ysudass in Tamil & Hindi Also. SPB has sung this song in his own style.

Sadma was the Hindi language version of the Tamil film Moondram Pirai (1983). Both versions are considered classics of Indian cinema, with Moondram Pirai considered one of the best Tamil Popular films ever made. Sridevi has been quoted as calling Moondram Pirai for which she won the National Film Award for Best Actress 1983, her all time favorite role.

Listen to it and Enjoy 3 Songs
1. Kanne Kalaimaane, Dr.K.J.Ysudas
2. Surmayi Akhiyon Mein - Sadma (Hindi version), Dr.K.J.Ysudas
3. Kanne Kalaimaane, Our Guruji

Movie: Moondram Pirai
Song: Kannae Kalaimane
Lyricist: Kannathaasan
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Singer: K.J.Yesudas & SPB (Unsung)
Actors: Kamal hassan, Sridevi

Kanne kalaimane kanimayilene
kanden unai naane.. (2)
andhi pagal unai naan parkiren.
aandavanai idhai thaan kedkiren
raariraro... oraariro...
kanne kalaimane .

oomai endral oruvaagai amaidhi..
ezai endral adhil oru amaithi..
neeyo kilippedy .. pan padum
aanandha kuyipedu...
eno dheivam sadhi seithadhu,
pethai pola vidhi seithathu ...
kanne kalaimaane

kaadhal konde kanavinai valarthen
kanmani unai naan karuthinil ninaithen
unakke uyiraanen ennalum
enai nee maravaathe....
nee illamal edhu nimmadhi
neethan endrum en sannadhi..
kanne kalai mane

Movie: Sadma (1982)
Song: Surmayee ankhiyon main
Lyricist: Gulzar
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Singer: K.J.Yesudas
Actors: Kamal hassan, Sridevi

Hindi Lyrics:

Surmayee ankhiyon main nanha munna ek sapana de jaa re
nindiya ke udate paakhi re, ankhiyon main aaja saathi re

raa rii raa ram o raaree ram

sachcha koi sapanaa dejaa
mujhako ko apana dejaa
anajaana sa magar kuchh pahachaana sa
halka phulka shabanami
resham se bhi reshami

Surmayee ankhiyon main nanha munna ek sapana de jaa re
nindiya ke udate paakhi re, ankhiyon main aaja saathi re

raat ke rath par jaane vaale
neend ka ras barasaane vaale
itana kar de ke meri ankhain bhar de
ankhon main basata rahe, sapana ye hansata rahe

Surmayee ankhiyon main nanha munna ek sapana de jaa re
nindiya ke udate paakhi re, ankhiyon main aaja saathi re

to download all SPB Unsung song click here - http://zakaas4u.multiply.com/music/item/145


Magi said...

Your endless love for HIM and tireless efforts to express that reflects in all your postings.

I wish I could get all the best songs sung by anyone else be sung by HIM for our album

Thanks vikas.


Dear Vikas,

I had heard this SPB version on Sundar's blog for the first time a few months back. I am happy to hear it again through your posting. Our SPB has indeed rendered it in his own style and also the emotions is more in his rendition. The way he sings "raari raaro.." is quite different from the original but still sounds great. Nowhere has he imitated KJY. That's his speciality. Thanks


கோவை ரவீ said...

My Dear Brother Vikas,

I am very happy your speedy work. Yesterday i listern all unsung songs onthe way of terun home from my college by my two wheeler with my digital usb radio. I was recollect my happy memories. Suddently i like posting in English blog these songs of our other state SPB fans with your different way of posting style. I hope our other state fans are found a lot of differents in those songs Original and our SPB voice. I request you to pls post one by one a day. Once again thanks for your affection. ALL THE BEST Vikas.

Prasad said...

I am a great fan of SPB. He sang the song Kannai kalamane quite well but not as good as the original. Yesudas is not a lesser singer so I request SPB not to sing Yesudas' songs.

Sivakadaksham Rajendran said...

Dear friend, I am a great fan of SPB and Yesudas. They are the pride of the South. Yesudas is a very popular singer who won Padmashree award and 7 national awards. It is very sad to see that you deliberately tried to insult him by using the name Ysdas.Is he that unpopular? we regard this blasphemeous.Please stop such tendencies.

Mohammed Arshad said...

Well done. He sang very well in his own style without imitating Das.Raareeram was amazingly different. SPB must sing more Yesudas songs just to prove Yesudas fanatics that he can sing anyone's songs quite easily.