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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Paathshala mein Seekhne Gaana - Shubh Kaamna (1983)

Hi SPB Fans,

This is first time I am posting in this blog. I am really thankful to Mr. Sunder, Ravi Anna & Mr. Dasarathi.

I am posting 1 hindi song "Paathshala mein Seekhne Gaana" from movie "Shubh Kaamna" (1983). Music by R.D.Burman. There are 3 stanzas in this song. 1st one is in Bengali, 2nd one is in Hindi & 3rd one is in Avadhi. SPB, as usual has exhibited his mastery in this song.

am unable to give its full lyric as i am not aware of bengali & Avadhi.

Paathshala Mein Seekhne Gaana Koyal Aayi, koyal Aayi
Suno Suno Katha Suno..

Rangshala mein Seekhne Gaana Koyal Aayi, koyal Aayi
Suno Suno Katha Suno, Suno Suno Katha Suno..

Guru ne Kaha , Sangeet Vidya Seekhne ke liye yaha kyun Aayi Ho?
Sangeet to tumhare Maata-Pita Ki Sampatti Hai, Waha Jao Na...

Na Na Mujhe waha nahi jaana, woh na sikhayenge gaana
Maata-pita bhi paisa liye bina dete nahi shiksha

Paathshala Mein Seekhne Gaana Koyal Aayi, koyal Aayi
Suno Suno Katha Suno, Suno Suno Katha Suno..

Paathshala Mein Seekhne Gaana...


Magi said...

Welcome Vikas / Zakaas
Another Star Fan of HIM. I have been appreciating Sunder's work and his choice of songs and words to describe HIM and HIS voice.
Ravi sir has been hand in hand in all these activities. Dasarathi sir joined recently giving English language tint to make HIS songs reach more people.
Now its your turn to take us to Hindi vistas. I am already sunk in the intoxication of "Teri Payal" that you introduced to me.
Life has become very great cos of people like you all.

"வற்றாயிருப்பு" சுந்தர் said...


Welcome to the Baluji's Blog. congratulations on your first post and keep posting as much as you can.

Dasaradhi, you and covai ravee can make the blogs a wonderful place for all the SPB fans from all over the world!

My best wishes to you.


zakaas4u said...

Pleasure is mine too. HE unites us. I too am happy to be with you all and to be a part of a good cause. United we shall make the blogs reach every nook. This I profer to the Man who has carved a permanent niche in my heart.

கோவை ரவீ said...

Hai Vikas Kamble

Warm Welcome to SPB English Blog. Finally u are entered here Vikas. All the Best. I will expect from you more and more Hindi melodies of our Legend with ur experiences.


Dear Vikas, Welcome to the blog. Wishing you great blogging and expecting a lot of interesting & unique songs of our SPB from you. ALL THE BEST. The first song is a good selection and SPB has also seamlessly delivered lot of dialogues in this song which is really good

Anonymous said...

Seetalu Singaram lyricist is Jaladi Raja Rao but not Veturi.