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Friday, March 02, 2007

naan pesa vandhen - paalootti valartha kili

Dear SPB Fans,

Thanks again for ur love.
Ravi Anna Asked me to add more hindi songs on this blog.
But i want to share one tamil song which is my favourite
after Illami Ennum Poongatru. I know that u all know more
than me about this song. But I want this song posted by me
I found this article on net for this song -
Here's a very rare, great song to get into the weekend mood. This is Ilayaraja's second film, and probably the first song that SPB sung for IR. At least, one of the earliest songs that SPB has sung for IR.- The song itself is vintage IR stuff. I am sure this song will remind people of the nostalgic Vividh Bharathi days. The rendition by SPB and SJ is superb.

Song : naan pesa vandhen
Film : Paalootti valartha kili
Singers : SPB , S.Janaki
Music : Ilaiyaraja

Naan pEsa vandhEn....
sollaththaan Oar vaarthai illai....
thiruvaai mozhi... thiruvaasagam...
naan kELaamal yenakkEdhu raagangaL...

Naan pEsa vandhEn....
sollaththaan Oar vaarthai illai....
unn vaaimozhi...maNivaasagam...
nee sollaamal yen nenjil sollillai.. (naan pEsa vandhEn)

yEzhisai paadum imagaLiraNdum
pada pada padavena varum bhaavangaL
aalilai meedhu thazhuvidum kaatru
sala sala salavena varum geedhangaL
kula magaL naaNam.... udan varumbOdhu..
mounamE idaidhan thoodhu
oru kiLi oomai... oru kiLi pEdhai....
idaiyil theeraadha bOdhai...haaa......( naan pEsa vandhEn)

kaarkuzhal mEgam... moodiya nenjil
kala kala kalavena varum yeNNangaL
Oviyam theetti kaattidum kannam
paLa paLa paLavena varum kiNNangaL
sol yena kaNNum....nil yena nenjum....(2)
solvadhE peNNin thollai
sirukadhai Oar naaL.. thodarkadhai aanaal
adhudhaan aanandha yellai......... (naan pEsa vandhEn)


Anonymous said...

True this song takes us to one of the stages of HIS PAYANAM. In this song I felt that HE goes husky in his rendition and each one feels that it is for him/herself.
Pleasant Nostalgia

Magi said...

The first comment was not by an anonymous. It was by magi sivappa

Anonymous said...

Vikas, thks for the wonderful song, SPB at his romantic best..
Its amazing that without knowing the meaning U are in love with this song, If u understnd the lyrics , it will drive u crazy..take care..

Anonymous said...

Paadum Nila means singing Moon, how appropriate..!!!
Gives me the idea of putting his Nila songs together..