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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Manadhil Enna Ninaivugalo

Dear SPB Fans,

This song "Manadhil Enna Ninaivugalo....." from the Tamil Film "Poonthalir" (1979) is one of our SPB's mellifluous songs composed by Maestro ILayaRaja. The film featured Sivakumar & Sujatha. I happened to see the climax part of this movie a few weeks back on TV and this song appears at the end and in fact is one such song which is tied to the story and not a standalone as is the case with the songs of the present. I had heard this song a few times during that period and i felt it would be a good one to present to you all.

The composition for this song is quite unique in the sense that it captures both the setting for the song and also the feeling that the lyrics are meant to generate.

The song is picturised in a discotheque with a couple dancing and singing the song. The song is aimed at clearing the confusion in the mind of the lady (i think it is the second heroine) who had come to the place for solace.

To reflect the scene, IR starts off with a rhythmic orchestration capturing the setting of the discotheque and then later when the lyrics start flowing, he has set the tune & orchestration to bring out the feeling of the words.

Our SPB has rendered this song with adequate emotion in his voice, a bit subdued as required. SP Shailaja starts off the song with a humming and our SPB joins in and takes the song through with his soulful rendering finally culminating in his beautiful humming accompanied by SPS. For the record, 1979 was the beginning of SP.Shailaja's career in Tamil Filmdom.

Lyrics for the song is by Panju Arunachalam who was instrumental in introducing ILayaraja to Tamil Film World through the movie "AnnakiLi"

Song : Manadhil Enna Ninavugalo
Film : Poonthalir (1979)
Singers : SPB & SP.Shailaja
Music : ILayaRaja
Lyrcis : Panchu Arunachalam
Directed by : Devaraj Mohan

manathil enna ninaivugaLO
iLamai kanavO.. athuvO ethuvO..
iniya ragasiyamO...

thanimai iruLil urugum nenjcham
thuNaiyai virumbumE
thuNaiyai virumbi iNaiyum bozhuthu
amaithi arumbumE
onRai vittu onRirunthaal paavam manathil vaLarumE
kaathalin paarvayil sOgam vilagum

..........manathil enna ninaivugaLO...................

nadanththu mudinththa kathaiai maRanththu
puthiya vazhiyilE
puthiya vazhiyil puthiya uRavil
puthiya ulagilE
sellunggaLEn... selvanggaLE
ulagam migavum periyathu
karuNaiyin kaigaLil thaaymai malarum

..........manathil enna ninaivugaLO................

Manadhil Enna Ninaivugalo
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Magi said...

Whenever I heard this song I have felt it like an effortless mastery of a humming from well trained and well tuned musician. It used to give me a feather touch effect to flinch in joy

கோவை ரவீ said...

Good selection Dasarathi sir.

Michael Andy said...

This movie Poonthalir is a remake of Late of Rajesh Khanna's first hindi film Aakhri Kath made in 1967.

Sivakumar was the right choice for tamil remake for the reason the hero of the movie is an Artist who does paintings for this livelihood. Naturally Sivakumar is a good Artist and a Painter so it made the Director Devaraj Mohan'a work very easy where he need not do a cut and paste of a real Painter's hand in the place of the hero's hand.

Also this song Manadhil Enna Ninaivugalo is my all time favorite I used to sing this song when I was studying 7th standard in Bangalore. The heroine in this song is Nanjil Nalini and the Hero singing is our Actress Lakshmi's third husband Sivasandhiran.

Info shared by Bangalore Michael