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Friday, March 02, 2007

Pennmai Enbadhu Prema Ledhani

Dear SPB Fans,

Well friends, confused with the "Tam-Tel" title of the post. It is because i have posted both the Tamil & Telugu version of the same song here and hence the title. It also has another significance. This is how most of us Telugus in Chennai speak the language.

This is a lovely sad song by our SPB for the Tamil Film "Kaadhal Geetham" (released somewhere in the late 80s or early 90s) starring Karthik. This song was made known by our fan "Venkatachalam Narayansamy" through his mail in the group. I was captivated immediately after listening to it and hence this post. Music is by IlayaRaja. And great orchestration by him.

This movie was dubbed from the Telugu movie "Abhinandana" . The music in the original was also by IR.

For the sake of both the Tamil & Telugu Fans, i have included songs in both languages. Please click on your choice and listen.

Lyrics are not available on any of the sites and hence i have included only the songs.


Penmai Enbadhu (Tamil Version)
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Prema Ledhani (Telugu Version)

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