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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ee Sambhashane - Dharmasere

Dear SPB Fans,

Today I am posting 1 kannada song "Ee Sambhashane" from Movie
"Dharmasere" (1979). This film was released in the late 70's and starred Srinath,Arathi,Satyapriya,Musuri,Seetharam and Sathyabhama.It was based on a novel of the same name by Jadabharatha.

SPB have rendered his melodious voice (as usual) in this song. He is simply Superb.

I am very thankful to my friend Damoraja Rajanna (New Zealand), who send
me this song along with its lyric.

Movie: "Dharmasere" (The Religious Bind) (1979)
Director: Puttanna Kanagal
Cast: Srinath, Arthi , Musuri Krishnamurthy
Lyrics: Vijayanarasimha
Music: Upendrakumar
Singers: S.P.Balasubrahmaniyam & S.Janki

Eee Sambhaashanae , Namma Eee Prema Sambhaashanaeae
Athi Naurya Ras Kaavya
Madhura , Madhura , Madhuraaha.

Eee Sambhaashanae , Namma Eee Prema Sambhaashanae
Athi Naurya Ras Kaavya
Madhura , Madhura , Madhura.

Eee Sambhaashanaeaeae.!!

Prema Ghana Kadhalakshya
Mridhuhakshya,Shringara Bhava Ganga.
Sundara..,Solalitha..Madhura, Madhura, Madhura

Eee Sambhaashanaeaeae

Dheera Sharadhee Maeravanthae Moraevanthae
Hosa Raaga Bharae Yanthae
Manjula,Madhumaya, Madhura , Madhura, Madhuraha

Eee Sambhaashanae , Namma Eee Prema Sambhaashanae
Manjula , Madhumaya, Madhura, Madhura, Madhura

Eee Sambhaashanae , Namma Eee Prema Sambhaashanae
Athi Nauryaa Rasa Kaavya, Madhura , Madhura, Madhura!!.


Magi said...

Very nice song. I wonder, vikas, how you managed to get lyrics for that. Great melody!

Thanks for making us aware of the old numbers too.

zakaas4u said...

thnx maggi, its my pleasure to share the great melodies of SPB with u all

Ganesh said...

super song ..
thanks for song and the lyrics ..
madhura madhura madhura ..

Satish said...

Thanks for posting this song...a Thanks for a wonderful song...nice melody...I know this is an old posting...but if you want to keep this lyrics...you may want to correct some words:

"Naurya" to "Navya"
"Mridhuhakshya" to "Mridhuhasya"
"Bharae" to "Dhaarae"

Thank you...

Nanditha Guruswamy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.