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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ennodu Paattu Paadungal - Episode dated 17.03.2007

Dear SPB Fans,

Here are the audio clips of EPP-17.03.07 (courtesy : Covai Ravee) along with a write-up. This episode is a continuation of the previous episode with the same set of contestants (5 female & 1 male) of whom one was selected at the end of this episode to proceed to the next stage.

By now, many of you must be familiar with the format of the contest. Anyway, for those who are not familiar, i will detail it now.

The contest starts off with 6 contestants and is covered in two episodes on two different dates (Saturdays evening 8-9pm on Jaya TV).

In the first episode, our SPB comes to the dias & introduces the chief guest/judge for the contest (two episodes) with a brief biography followed by the rendition of a "Kural" and then the message it conveys. Then, our SPB, the chief judge & the regular judge cum scorer-Mano Bala are seated and our SPB invites the contestant on to the stage for the first round. The first round involves the rendition of melody numbers. The contestant introduces with name, place, occupation, parents' names & music teacher's name. Next, our SPB reads out the details of the song chosen by the contestant namely song starting words and names of the singer(s), movie, music director & lyricist. The contestant then renders the song which receives feedback/comments primarily from our SPB with occasional comments by the Chief Judge / regular judge cum scorer(Mano Bala). All the 6 contestants complete this cycle. Then the episode ends with a closing social message and a song by our SPB.

In the second episode (involving the same set of 6 contestants), our SPB comes to the dias and renders a "Kural" and then explains the message it conveys. Then with our SPB, Chief Judge & regular judge cum scorer(Mano Bala) seated, the second round of the contest begins. The second round involves rendition of fast / rhythmic numbers. Our SPB invites the contestant on to the stage. Next, our SPB reads out the the details of the song chosen by the contestant namely song starting words and names of the singer(s), movie, music director & lyricist and the contestant presents the song which receives feedback/comments primarily from our SPB with occasional comments by the Chief Judge / regular judge cum scorer(Mano Bala). All the 6 contestants complete this cycle. Next, the third round follows. In this round, our SPB renders a tune or rhythm pattern of a portion of a song and taking cue from this, the contestants have to identify the song and then sing the pallavi or charanam as specified by our SPB. He selects from a list of 25 songs that each contestant had given to him during audition. This ensures that identification of the song is made a bit easier for the contestants who can prepare in advance from the list they had given. Again each contestant receives feedback.

Now with all the three rounds completed, finally all the three - SPB, Chief Judge & Mano Bala come on to the dias. Our SPB delivers a social message and then Mano Bala reads out the scores of each participant and finally the winner of the contest is declared based on the highest score. Each contestant is scored against four critirea - sruthi, thala, bhava & performance. The selected contestant is now eligible for the next round of contest.

This pattern is repeated and once in two weeks a winner emerges and all these winners will contest each other after the preliminaries are over.

Now, coming to the last week's episode, which is a continuation of the previous episode, our SPB started off with the rendition of a "Kural". The essence of the Kural is that "developing anger and displaying anger is injurious to both mind and health (high blood pressure). Anger shown on a person is progressive and contagious. Eg. anger shown towards a subordinate can get transferred to his/her spouse at home and finally to the children. So, it is better to control one's anger. Anger can be used positively depending on the circumstances. So, let us do away with it and lead a stress free life"

If you recall, the chief judge in the previous episode was T.K.Ramamurthy of the MSV-TKR duo. He was also present for this episode.

All the contestants completed the second round comprising fast/rhythmic numbers followed by the third round.

Again, as in the previous rounds, our SPB's feedback was mostly related to singing at a comfortable sruthi suiting the individual's range and eliminating the sruthibedham.

He was particularly appreciative of one contestant by name "Ravi". He lauded him for adapting only the style of the original singer and singing in his own voice without imitating the original singer's. Eventually, this contestant emerged as the winner of this round of contest. I think this same Ravi is also the winner of the music contest "Reliance Mobile Launch Pad" organised by "SS Music" which had its finals on 19th March '07 (our group member also contested in this program - Balaji). I happened to see a photograph of the three toppers of the SS program in today's HINDU supplement and from the photograph, i identified him (Ravi). His name was mentioned against the winner in the article. Now, he has also caught the attention of our SPB in this EPP contest.

The contest finally came to a close with all the three celebrities taking the stage. Our SPB delivered his social message related to the influences of Road Roko by lawyers, students, politicians etc. on the public. He mentioned that it caused so much hardship to office goers, candidates attending interviews and people in need of medicare. Rokos also affected travellers with public transportation getting stranded at places and the passengers put to difficulty for want of proper food & water. He was worried that even educated people seemed not to realise this. He recommended that this protest could be done near the concerned agency without obstructing public life.

The chief judge T.K.Ramamurthy mentioned that it was indeed hard to select a single winner from the contestants who all had performed well. But given the circumstances of the contest there was no other choice, he said. He wished that the female contestants should become like MS, PS & SJ and the male contestant better than SPB. Our SPB welcomed this comment and said this was the blessing that all the contestants needed from him (TKR).

Then Mano Bala read out the scores. Ravi topped with 220 points to his credit. Apt to the title of the program, he then joined our SPB to sing the song "Pottuvaitha Mugamo..." from the film "Sumathi En Sundari" bringing out the essence of the program "Ennodu Paattu Paadungal". He is fortunate indeed to sing with the Great SPB. After the song, our SPB mentioned that he was happy to sing with him and wished him well for the future. He said may be one day he may sing along with him for a movie or sing for his (Ravi) composition. Most encouraging words from our Guruji.

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கோவை ரவீ said...

Dear Dasarathi sir,

Your writeup very excellent. As told Mr.Ravi was done very good performance. He was enjoyed in every lyric. eg. Neelavana oodayile and Pottuvaitha mugamo. I too wish Mr.Ravi (Participant) ALL THE BEST. Thanks for immediate posting sir.