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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sangeetha jathi mullai - Kadhal Oviyam

Hi SPB Fans,

Today posting "Sangeetha jathi mullai" from Kadhal Oviyam.It is also a pure classical song. The singing swaras at theend are best of the best, one of the most difficult song by our guruji.

For the movie Kathal Oviyam, IR had requested SPB to come and sing the song "Sangeetha Jaathi Mullai". SPB first refused saying he was very busy that day and had other stuff to do, and finally agreed on the condition that it will be done by 10AM. The recording finally was over at 3pm the same day. The phrase which caused the delay was "Kuyile Kuyile Untha Ragam Nenjil Indru Aadum." If you remember the song - at "Aadum" the tune reaches a crescendo (ri Ri) and then descends (to sa). Originally the descending portion was to be sung as sndpmgrs (avarohanam), but apparently SPB couldn't sing it. IR remaked "Ennapa SNDPMGRS paada mudiyaliyaa." IR had to simplified the tune twice before SPB was able to sing it correctly and the third version is what we hear today.

the above image source is from ravee annas SPB photo album. i have tried to colour this image. For more videos of SPB (more than 60 videos) visit my webpage www.zakaas4u.multiply.com

Film Name Kaathal oviyam
Song Name Sangeetha jaathi mullai
singer S.P.Balasubramaniyam


namdhamdha namdhanamdham namdhanamdham
namdhanamdham namdhanamdham namdhanamdham
namdhamdha namdham namdhamdha namdham
namdhamdha namdham namdhamdha namdham
en naadhamae vaa vaa a a a...

sangeedha jaadhimullai kaanavillai
kangal vandhum paavaiyinri paarvaiyillai
raagangalinri sangeedhamillai
saavonrudhaanaa nam kaadhal ellai
en naadhamae vaa vaa a a a...


thirumugham vandhu pazhagumoa arimugham seydhu vilagumoa
vizhigalil thulineer vazhiyumoa adhu pirivadhaith thaanga mudiyumoa
kanavinil endhan uyirum uravaagi vizhigalil inru azhudhu pirivaagi
thanimaiyil endhan idhayam sarugaagi udhirumoa
thiraigal ittaalum maraindhu kollaadhu anaigal ittalum vazhiyil nillaadhu
ponni nadhi kanni nadhi jeeva nadhi
vizhigal azhudhapadi karangal thozhudhapadi
thiraigalum podipada velivarum orukili
isai enum mazhai varum ini endham mayil varum
njabaga vaedhanai theerumoa
aadiya paadhangal kaadhalin vaedhangal aagidumoa aadidumoa paadidumoa
raaga dheepamae endhan vaasalil vaaraayoa
endhan raagam nenjil ninru aadum
raaga dheepamae...

naan thaedi vandha oru koadai nilavu aval needhaanae needhaanae
manak kannil ninru pala kavidhai thandhamagal needhaanae needhaanae needhaanae
vizhi illai enumboadhu vazhi koduththai
vizhi vandha pinnal aen siragodiththai
nenjil enrum undhan bimbam (2)
sindhum sandhan undhan sondham
thaththichellai muththuch chirpam kannukkullae kanneer veppam
innum enna nenjil achcham kannil mattum jeevan michcham
mullaip poovil mullum undoa kandukondum indha vaeshamenna
raaga dheepamae...


1 comment:

Magi said...

Who else could have rendered the emotions of a visually challenged person who is bestowed with the musical talent.
Soul searching song. The lady could not have contained herself after such an emotional and heart renting call of HIM.
Very emoting song

Thank you vikas.